My mind is a hive. Each day my honeybees travel as far as they have to in order to collect enough pollen to produce honey – the shit that prevents infections, heals wounds, never spoils and is just so darn sweet. A beautiful metaphor, I think. I needed more than just a vision for how my blog would be run. I wanted a certain attitude and energy to flow within it. “5 Miles from the Hive” is a gentle reminder of the growth I cultivate every day. Honeybees are extraordinary. In this case, they represent the individual parts of me, good or bad, all working together towards a greater purpose. Honey is love – it is gratitude and hope, compassion and humility. The title of this blog was heavily inspired by Rupi Kaur’s bestselling poetry collection – milk and honey – specifically “the healing” chapter. This blog is for myself as much as anyone who finds comfort, assistance or joy from what I write. It is going to be a challenge for me – being vulnerable and honest about how I’ve chosen to govern my own personal development  – but it will be worth it if, at least, one person found it helpful and genuine.

Here, 5 Miles from the Hive, (ha!) I’m going to become a prism: a resource. Life is light and as it passes through me, like it does the rest of you, I will attempt to separate and make sense of each color the best I can.

Gosh, prepare for the overuse of metaphors and figurative language.

I’m 20 and am in no way an expert on, literally, anything. So, I figure some might actually find that makes my experiences, and reflections on them, to be extremely authentic. I have put a foot forward. I, for years, was letting a myriad of things get the best of me and in the process I even hurt people I love. Unfortunately, it took a kick to the face(from what felt like a fucking horse) to kick my ass into high gear and want to take control of my life. That’s really o.k, though. My battles are with grief, sexuality etc. – I know I’m nowhere near being finished with those struggles and may never be but I’m back on the horse that kicked my face in and I’m ready to ride with enthusiasm, even!

I’m not the strongest writer but I’m sure running a blog that posts new content every weekday will change that.

No matter what this turns into – I’ve such rich and pure intentions that I can only imagine it becoming something utterly sweet and lovely.

*with all my honey*