“If not us, then who? If not now, then when?” – John E. Lewis

Sh*t. I’m, literally, starting this blog with a quotation as a title to an entry. Do I really give a hoot? Not at all. Other people happen to be much more eloquent than I am.

Anyway, I’m launching this project – “5 Miles from the Hive” – tomorrow. This was unexpected. I intended to start it in April and just have the name, structure and schedule figured out next week. However, the name came to me(you can read through that thought process on my About page) and the rest is history – or will be?

I’m ready to get started.

I’m excited, motivated, and proud to jump right in! Also, very eager to see who joins me as I venture out from my hive each day.

This is how my blog is going to be(as it is, currently, in my head):

I will be posting every weekday. I gave each day a strange, positive title as a personal tool to keep my spirits up during the week. I, very annoyingly, bother members of my household by yelling them throughout the day.

*Monday Fun-Day* – Start your work week with a bang!

*No-Blues Tuesday* – It’s way too early in the week to let anything get you down!

*No-Chump Hump-Day* (2nd Monday) – Halfway there! Don’t be a chump! Be a champ!

*Attack Thursday* – You can smell that weekend! Own that sh*t!

*I Slay Friday* -That’s right! End your week with the same energy you started with!

Yeah, I yell in my head to get motivated. Mind you, I work a 9-5 Mon-Fri office job so, having these names to say over and over with enthusiasm, really helps keep my groove throughout the week. Don’t get me wrong – I freaking love my job. It’s my first full-time job and I’m more than grateful to have it.

Well – Fantastic! If you dig it here — keep coming back! You’re very welcome here :]

*with all my honey*



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