Extremely Late to the Party – but I Made It, Nonetheless.

Monday Fun-Day #1

March 13th 2017

Welcome to 5 Miles from the Hive. I guess it would be appropriate for me to introduce myself. You can call me Elaine.

I lived in the same city for 20 years and six months ago I found myself in a sad, painful situation. I started questioning everything I had been doing, and not doing,  for the last couple of years. I hurt someone very dear to me and had never been more lost. I had always felt that things should change but this time they, absolutely, had to. I was introduced to some very ambitious, positive people that really sparked a shift in my perspective. Previously foreign ideas become coherent to me. Like, the fact that most things aren’t easy and that hustle and execution were the names of the game. That life isn’t something that happens to you. – The fact that I have to work for what I have doesn’t need to frighten me it can help push me. I can have anything I want if I’m willing to put in the time and energy: Hustle. – A year ago hearing those words would have made my skin boil because I was full of resentment.

I moved to another state and committed to turning my life around.

It excites me to see growth, lately. Gary Vaynerchuk said, “I love when something goes wrong, it’s where I shine the most.” If you haven’t been exposed to his 10 Rules of Success – I would highly recommend you look it up.

I spent the first few months in my new environment getting in touch with my pain, fears and resentments. Newsflash: it blew a big fat donkey d*ck. It really hurt and tested me. A huge thing for me this year is learning to ask for help. Lately, I’ve been collecting advice like some might collect playing cards or movies. Anytime I hear something I really like or find applicable to me I search for a way to implement it. Why collect movies if you can’t enjoy them? Advice isn’t something to place on a shelf.

I’ve never been good at keeping resolutions or setting goals for myself. This year: I’m going be the Queen of accomplishment and forming healthy habits.

I’m in the process of an eight month plan that spans from February to September of this year. Contained in a Google document are my overall goals, for every month and each individual week in that time frame. Each Saturday – and admittedly Sundays, lately – I write out a weekly checklist that lays out the actions I want to take each day of the week. This is my way of keeping myself accountable. It was a suggestion from someone close to me. I call it my Game Plan. To keep it simple: I want to be independent and of healthier mind and body by the end of it.

After some seasonal work I had ended, I spent the better part of January jobless, and very naturally, assigned one of my monthly goals for February: find work. My first day on the job? The 2-FRICKIN’-8th of the month! Just in time to meet my goal – sh*t was I proud. The day-by-day approach had got me to where I wanted to be.

So, that’s the fast forward version to where I am now. If you’d like to follow this adventure you have a run-down, now. I’ll dive deeper into a lot of this shizz as we go on!

I wasn’t having the greatest day today and even reconsidered posting, at all, but I had a brilliant phone call with a friend of mine right before I started writing. I went from feeling upset about, potentially, blogging in a sh*tty mood to feeling passionate and driven to initiate this thing I have a bright vision for.

No turning back and why would I want to? This project is close to my heart. Maybe it will be close to someone else’s as well. I won’t rule it out; even if it seems unlikely to me now.

I’m a tad late. Technically, I’m bleeding into No-Blues Tuesday but I’m really not too disappointed. I’m strengthening the patience I have with myself, recently.

This post is not as focused as I hope my other posts will be. I just thought it’d be good to get on and just go for it, like I promised. I intend to start posting in the mornings once I can sort out my schedule. That could take a while.

Signing off for now. I’ll be back for No-Blues Tuesday, of course! Hopefully, with a bit more structure and little less story.

*with all my honey*



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