A Stream of My Consciousness

I Slay Friday #1

March 17th 2017

As of late, I own my Fridays. I’ve made it to the end of my work week and I can taste the weekend. It’s the day I use to pat myself on the back.

I’ve started a blog and am proud of it.

I want to bring a little more structure to my entries, I’ve decided. Things may happen in my daily life that inspire the subject matter of 5 Miles from the Hive; there have already been times where I try to comb through the events of my days hoping to find deeper meaning where there is none. I don’t want to stress over producing content for this project. I am striving to achieve balance between being genuine, honest and contemplative in my writing.

There will be nights like this one where I show up, am lost for words, tired and trying.

One transition I will be making next week is to post in the mornings rather than the evenings. I will ingrain writing into my morning routine in the hopes of relieving pressure before it causes me to fall short of my own vision – writing five times a week, no exceptions. I’m intrigued about where the weight will be felt, if at all.

Language is a beautiful resource.

I am grateful to have all the senses I do.

I am in a fortunate position. This day and age – this place and condition. It’s taken me a very long time to see that but I believe it to be true. I’m leaning that attachment is often a hindrance – that gratitude acts as a solution to this problem.

When I can remember, I like to end my day by writing a short list of things I’m grateful for no matter the mood I’ve carried throughout it. It is simple and effective.

I intended to end my first week of this project with something special but I’m perfectly fine finishing with a mild account of how I’m feeling.

Thanks for giving my thoughts some attention.

*with all my honey*



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