Rising and Shining!

Monday Fun-Day #2

March 20th 2017

Happy Monday! I absolutely love them, as of late:]

It’s an opportunity to start fresh and own my work days by setting the standard of energy for the rest of the week – I aim high in this regard. Having a good start to the week goes a long way especially, when you’re a whack-o like me and only have to push until second Monday and not Friday. I’m not sure how but giving myself reasons to love Wednesdays and Mondays has been doing wonders for me, so far.

Last week was my first week starting this project. I managed to sit down and write each evening but it does bother me that I didn’t post within the perimeters of each day.

To fix said problem I’m starting to work blogging into my morning routine. Today, I was up and at em nice and early, regardless of getting to bed past 1 a.m. I wouldn’t recommend that on a work night. I was up finishing up something that was important to me so I haven’t been grilling myself, at all. ┬áBefore 7 a.m I had made coffee and eaten breakfast.

I don’t really get when people go through most of their lives hating mornings. I have trouble with sleeping in and waking up but I don’t hate mornings. There aren’t many feelings similar to getting a lot done before 10 a.m and stepping outside to watch the sunrise – I find them calmer than sunsets. I think anyone could become a morning person with enough discipline. Eventually, that’ll be me. I’m hoping adding this to the mix will get me nice and pumped when my alarm goes off. That would be a pretty big achievement.

Shoot, I forgot I made coffee even after I wrote that I did! *runs away from the computer for a brief moment* Much, much better! All is right in the world, again. Coffee is king.

I go into work in under two hours and I can already say that posting in the morning is nicer. I am going to try and keep this up the best that I can. Oh, I can literally hear the birds singing outside! Joy! I was sleeping in until about now before. Feels great to have gradually seen my window frames filled with more and more light as I sit here.

This entry may be a bit mundane to some but this project is as much about the little victories as their larger brethren. Actually, I imagine it’ll be filled with the small wins. I’m all about celebrating every one, lately. Not to excess but enough to keep my chin up.

If there is anything someone could take from this it’d be to try and challenge yourself by putting that thing you have been wanting to do at the start of your day. Another example from me is my French. I’ve been meaning to get more serious about learning it but just haven’t committed so this week I’m moving it to the morning. Just 10 minutes a day and notes on Tuesday. If I stick to it I’ll surely improve more quickly than if I remember twice a week, if that, like I have been.

I’m stoked to see how my week turns out with these new habits in formation.Should be fun, for sure!

Well, I’m off to have Fun on a Monday! Do the same if you wish!

Thanks for reading.

*with all my honey*




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