There Are Always Exceptions

I Slay Friday #2

I’m disappointed that I didn’t even manage the first two weeks of this project without breaking commitments. I learned a few things about myself this week.

I did something out of character. This something had a lot to do with my former character and has hardly anything to do with it, lately. I don’t regret it or anything but it did make things harder on me the next day. I took all of yesterday and today to think about how to go from here. I want to do this (this being — my blog, keeping my momentum moving, reaching goals etc) and I wasn’t acting like it this week.

That’s o.k.

It’s just not in our nature to be 100% all the time.

I’ll settle for 95% when I get there.

I look forward to next week and I am going to continue trying to blog earlier. Mornings if possible, after work if not. I have been putting some thought into structure. I was thinking about weekly themes. It would bring more urgency to some of my goals.

This week felt like a dip. I peaked and dipped a lot and I think that’s cool because I can feel myself climbing up to a sturdier peak that won’t be going as quickly. One I have started at the base of months ago and I’m starting to breathe in crisper air now.

All is well even if I don’t feel it’s well.

*with all my honey*



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