This Weekend Felt Like Its Own Week

Monday Fun-Day #3

Howdy, few who read through this!

Last week I only posted three entries and this week I’d like to parallel my vision for five.

Hope everyone is doing all right. I am.

Work was slow today and that wasn’t awful. I felt I needed a less stressful Monday. My weekend was go, go, go. Not in a bad way, don’t get me wrong. I spent a lot of time with family and met some fresh faces. Since I’ve been in Washington I hadn’t been out of the county I’m living in. On Saturday some fresh faces and myself hiked over four miles, partially through over three feet of snow without snow shoes, and had to call it quits before we even got to the trail head. I’ve learned not to go hiking in that particular part of Western Washington in March. I had an absolute ball. I brought a Christmas present along that finally got some “real-world” use – waterproof speaker. Thank you, Mom. So perfect for Washington living, though.

I’ve been meaning to explore the area. I value opportunities to, what feels like, effortlessly change up my perspective. Being outdoors is something people do to help center themselves, get rooted in what’s real and not what we make all too real in our heads.

One of the people who invited me really impressed me. They were remarkably attentive. Before I’d even notice that I was a bit away from others in the group they would fall back or jog up to my side and check up on me. Not in an overbearing way nor disingenuous. Things like that are refreshing to me. I’d like to direct more energy into building social talents. If I can accomplish that I can start paying forward some good fortune that I’ve been shown.

As I write for this project I find myself reading back and seeing a different person each entry which reminds me of Derek Parfit. He’s a philosopher who challenged the discussion of personal identity and aided in the birth of the term “Psychological Connectedness,” as a result. As a very minimally educated person on the subject, let me brief you on the way I see it – and yeah, I first heard about it from Hank Green on a Crash Course episode.. ¬†sue me. The more I read about it the more I find myself liking the idea. My favorite visualization did come from that Crash Course episode: links forming a chain – sometimes a few will fall off and some will be added and some remain. In this fun representation there would be none of the original links left, though. The infant links are lost but were so crucial to the existence of the rest. Basically, we are always changing, dropping and gaining traits that make up our identity but truly are never the same person, always. I’m not the greatest at explaining philosophy but at least you know what to look for if you’re interested.

Anywho, I brought that up because I’ve been thinking about who I am. Who I’d like to be and how I’ll get there so much. “People don’t change” is an, unfortunately, ignorant statement. I find it outdated and cynical so I’ve chosen to believe the opposite. That we create our own luck and opportunities, one way or another.

This week I’m taking my daily actions a bit slow. I only have three weekly goals:

  1. driving practice (I do all the time, lately but have to keep it in mind)
  2. revisit my budget
  3. practice french (I’ve been slacking!)

I am thinking of this week as a calibration week. To regain my bearings and merge back into the kick-ass groove I was keeping up.

Thanks for the read. I’m sure you’re all quite lovely, in your own ways.

I’m ready to own my week!

*with all my honey*




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