It’s All Right, Kid – Buck Up!

No Chump Hump-Day #2

Last week I missed Wednesday. Ha, my decision to number these is going to haunt me, already!

Today was good. I’ve been slacking, still, with my daily actions due to my adjusting to a full-time work schedule. I think I’ve said that this week is about resetting. It’s something we do one way or another, every so often.. so here I am. Have been trying to read at night and practice skill toys at work. I’m not very good at kendama but I do enjoy it. I find it hard to clear my head so things that require focus and hand-eye coordination really help me accomplish that. It’s a great thing to do on break while listening to some tunes, especially when it gets stressful.

Next week, seeing how the past few have gone, I’ll likely focus on re-establishing routine into my life. We are all creatures of habit. I’d like to choose which habits. I certainly don’t kick myself for failing to stick to all the habits I set out to form this year. There are some big ones that I’m months into practicing and doing tremendously well with so there is reason to be proud. I have to be my own support. I don’t ever want to lean on people the way I have in the past. Ungratefully with no intention, at all.. almost worse than selfish intentions, in my opinion. I’ve been learning to ask for help – that is so important. Reaching out is important – initiation is important – being proactive.

I made a mistake at work today. I wasted valuable time that could have been spent training me. It was an issue of arrogance. I didn’t know I was doing anything wrong so I didn’t bother to ask questions. It wasn’t awful but I did feel bad. I appreciate my employers and it does hurt me to think I could squander opportunities they are giving me.

Some people don’t give a sh*t about work or their bosses and coworkers.

I just used to spend huge chunks of time being unemployed but I never didn’t give a sh*t. Maybe I was worried a bit too much to work well or tired but I never failed to make an effort to be worth people’s time. Most importantly: my time. I didn’t always see it that way.

Today, one of my bosses said something I really liked. Well, he asked the question “who are your customers?” My coworkers and I listed off the obvious answers until we were stuck and could all tell he was trying to lead us somewhere – he was – our company was. We provide service to our bosses – they pay for our service – Elaine Inc. That was surprising to hear from a boss. I loved it. I felt extremely valued and under good care. I’m so happy I recognize it, too.

So, I’ve been bogged down for a week or two. I’m learning to become more comfortable in my new environment. I am hopeful of my energy replenishing over the coming weekend. I’m grateful, as I’m always trying to be.

I was no chump – I was a champ, today.

*with all my honey*



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