48 Hours Could Bring Me Anything, At All.

I Slay Friday #3

Woot! The work week is over.. now more than 48 hours of easy resting.. besides all of that stuff I promised myself I would get done. Other than that it’s all up for grabs!

I had to correct my attitude earlier this week and it totally paid off. I had a pretty good time at work and got to shoot some billiards so I’m one happy camper. Some people really dislike that term, “happy camper.” I wonder why that is.

I want to keep on my work grind. It’ll really benefit me. I need a steady income and the more I’m being trained the easier I can see myself owning sh*t at the office. (I mean being a boss – like, “owning that sh*t!”)

Boy, has the weather been fantastic. The sun has been coming out to say hello. I get hot in the afternoon with all the light coming through the windows. I’m shaking just thinking about my first summer in Washington. I’m going to explore well. Gas is cheaper than nights out at the bar. I think drives out into the unknown will take precedent, even when I’m 21. The way the air is fresh and heavy every morning and all the trees turn a grey/blue shade after sunset is wrapping me around a finger I’ll consider the Pacific North West. This is the longest I’ve been away from my old home.

I used to think I’d stay where I lived, for 20 years, all my life. I still love it but now I’m really warming up at the thought of it becoming a place I visit. I’m finding it so enjoyable to be in an unfamiliar place and get to know it better each day.

I’m not shivering anymore. It’s all right here.

*with all my honey*




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