Surprise Me, Pleasantly.

Attack Thursday #2

People are puzzles. I’m not intending any negative connotation when I say that. It’s true and it can be wonderful.

Communication is powerful and I’ve seen more than enough evidence to convince me to strengthen my own social skills. It’s the sort of thing that will always end up being worth it. The more effectively I communicate the more confident I feel. It’s self serving and beneficial to those around you.

This past week I was shown a great deal of kindness from somebody in my life. He calls me his cousin and introduces me as such, though, we aren’t technically related. We are connected, though, that’s for sure. Interesting circumstances brought us together.

I spent some time with him and his friends tonight, after work. On the way home I really liked something he said to me. First, he asked “Do you know what the difference between you and I is?” I curiously responded “What?” – “You, at your age, are very humble.” (I’m paraphrasing but I feel I’m doing it sufficiently) I replied “I don’t think anyone has ever called me humble before.” I was being honest. That was the sort of compliment that comes along when you least expect it and you keep that in your pocket. Sometimes it’s necessary to get some outside help to aid in our self support and esteem. He’s a thoughtful person and I appreciate people like him, very much.

Thing is, I really wasn’t humble just a year ago. Not only did I get to hear a nugget from another person about my good qualities (they do exist, hoo-rah!) but I got a friendly reminder to acknowledge all the progress I have been making.

Usually when people ask the question my cousin did they follow up with something surface level or negative. I love how people end up surprising me.

Connection is a king, for sure. People will make you feel a way unlike any other.

I just wanted to share that. I had a rough week last week and have been killing it this week. Hopefully, I have a nice weekend and can prepare myself for another stellar work week!

*with all my honey*




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