Gratitude is an Attitude.

Monday Fun-Day #4

Work was bonkers. We were short-handed and it got a bit stressful but I killed it.

I forgot I ran this blog until a few minutes ago. Glad I remembered before bed.

I just wanted to show face. I’m human; I forget things.

This weekend I spent time with my family and saw a movie by myself. “Get Out” is a film I’d highly recommend, by the way. Well done motion picture. It was nice to take myself out on a date. Got out of the house and had a good time doing it.

Though, today was very taxing I am winding down at it’s end feeling grateful and happy. I was presented opportunities to make the best of some situations – opportunities for failure is what I would have thought them to be just a while ago. That is a victory.

Small and profound and all mine.

I can rest easy knowing I gave it my all and didn’t surrender to insecurity or fear. I know when I talk about my life here I remain vague. I would rather enjoy the control I have over seeing the big picture than choosing to focus on the little facets that amount to what I want to write about, anyway. I can decide what lessons to draw from my experiences when I boil things down. Into a sweet marmalade that I don’t burn trying to get more out of than what is possible. Not sure if that metaphor makes much sense but I’ll take it. It’s what’s present and honest, right now.

Time for rest so that I can tackle tomorrow with the same enthusiasm I did today.

Thanks for choosing to give this a read.

*with all my honey*



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