Attitude is Always Mine for the Taking.

Attack Thursday #4

I beat the hell out of today since I kept a great attitude until the end.

The other day one of my bosses let me know there was a reason for not giving me a raise they had been thinking about. That knowledge really helped motivate me in my training at work. I want to make the corrections necessary to become the employee they seem to think I could be. I’m grateful for that.

A different boss of mine sat me down this morning and shared a story about themselves when they were my age and had a strict employer. The take away from that tale was that they used the skills and habits they were taught all the way up to the present day – it made them a better employee, even though it seemed tough at the time.

I appreciated them telling me that and ending the conversation something like this;                             “keep going, you’re doing great.”

Often times, on my breaks, I visualize driving in a car of my own and just being present. I’ve been working hard to be able to achieve that goal. I’m going to be 21 and being a licensed individual is a huge milestone for me on my way to independence. It’s all I want this year, really. To carry my own weight and learn to be happy and healthy on my own. Simple in thought, not nearly as simple in execution. Maybe for some, but certainly not me but like I often say – that’s perfectly fine, too.

I’m headed in the right direction. I wouldn’t take a thing back. I just want to take every opportunity to grow and improve myself as a person. I don’t want to squander things the way I used to. That’s my biggest nightmare, lately.

*with all my honey*



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