Ahead of the Game

Monday Fun-Day #6

Well, I completely forget about my blog until just now. After the Easter holiday I have been pretty preoccupied.

No matter.

This past weekend I heard from somebody that I hadn’t for quite some time and that brightened my Easter Sunday.

I am starting to look at potential cars and my birthday is in less than a week, so that would be an excellent birthday present, coincidentally. If I get my car within the month of April I will be ahead of the game. Ahead of my initial plans, anyway.

I have no plans for my actual birthday, yet. I think I want to spend it in solidarity. I think it would be my first birthday alone if I did. I’ve been a bit upset about not being able to spend this particular one in my hometown where my roots are, but I intend to enjoy it nonetheless. It’s symbolic, I think, of the place I am in life.

I’ve been having a pretty good week so far and tomorrow is.. Tuesday. I thought, as I was typing this up, that it was already Tuesday – weird. Today felt a lot longer than weekdays usually feel. It makes more sense that I didn’t completely forget about my blog for an entire day. Ha. Good on me!

I’m tired and need to get to bed soon. Sound body makes for an easier time keeping a sound mind, as well. That’s common sense, right? I don’t really know what’s common, I’m surprised by people all the time – fantastically, and not so much.

I’m off. Always take care.

*with all my honey*



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